July 30, 2014

Phish Portsmouth, VA Set List nTelos Pavilion July 29, 2014, Latest News

Another small venue and another monster show (scroll down for set list). 555 has made an appearance now in three of the last four shows. I mean, I really like the song and all but isn't that a bit much? See if you can spot the Shock the Monkey tease during Weekapaug Groove, extra funny to me because my fiance and I have had a Shock the Monkey ear worm all week.

I'll have a link to download a crispy audience copy of Phish in Portsmouth first thing in the morning Pacific time. For now you can stream the show via the Live Phish App, or you cam pre-order it via LivePhish.com. Here's a video over on YouTube of Split Open and Melt, but other than that SOAM is the only video I've been able to find, as of 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night, from Phish's July 29, 2014 Portsmouth show.

And here is the link to the free download of an audience copy of Portsmouth.

In the mean time, check out the transition Phish does at the 7/25/14 Charlotte show going from Twist -> When the Circus Comes (the latter my all-time favorite cover song, for what it's worth). The smoothness of it demonstrates Phish new found, or re-found, propensity for seamlessly moving from one song to the next. They nail this like it had been rehearsed this way for years. Sorry, but I can only find two separate tracks, so you'll have to deal with a split at the key part, but if you set up your machine correctly it works right on. The transition in question starts around the 6:20 mark in Twist ...

Twist -> When the Circus Comes

How beautiful is that? About as close to perfect as Phish can get if you ask me ...

Personally, while we're waiting for someone to post an audience copy Phish at nTelos Pavilion in Portsmouth, take this opportunity to expand your musical universe by downloading a show from someone else. I highly suggest sets from Jeff Tweedy's current solo tour, which is downright amazing if you ask me. Tweedy never gets his commercial due, and I love that he is at peace with it. Check out this article on NPR touching on that very subject, which provides a link to an entire Tweedy solo performance from the 2014 Newport Folk Festival. If you haven't given Jeff Tweedy the time of day yet do yourself a favor and set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul and listen with all of your guts.

Seriously ...

Phish Portsmouth, VA Set List nTelos Pavilion July 29, 2014
Timber Ho!, Undermind, AC/DC Bag, 555, Divided Sky, Ocelot, Halfway to the Moon, Kill Devil Falls, Split Open and Melt, Good Times Bad Times

Chalk Dust Torture, If I Could, The Line, Birds of a Feather, A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, Mike's Song^ -> Prince Caspian -> Waves -> Weekapaug Groove, Cavern, Golgi Apparatus -> Run Like an Antelope

Wingsuit, The Squirming Coil

^Birds of a Feather tease; ^^Shock the Monkey tease

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