May 9, 2013

Let's Talk About Phish ... Gorge '98 Video

"Let's talk about Phish" is the header for a post by user telascomet calling for Phishheads everywhere to start some serious discussion, which is "the reason we're all here anyway."

Telascomet suggests the impetus behind creating his/her discussion topic, dated May 7, is because the Phish message boards are "clogged up with boring threads."

So, add your two cents, or kill some time checking out some of the responses.

VIDEO: THE GORGE 7-17-1998
I remember standing right in front of Mike when they walked out that day. They all looked like they were stoned to the bejesus, and Trey seems to confirm this when he drops "dank" as the Makisupa Policeman keyword.

Watch, and see if you can spot my head. I'm right .... there! has the definitive essay on the history and significance of the "keyword" in Makisupa Policeman. You gotta check it out, just 'cause someone took the time and effort to get it all down on "paper," and it's right on.

May 8, 2013

JEMP Records Announces "Phish: Ventura" Box Set

Phish's record label, JEMP Records (which stands for Jon, Ernest, Mike, Page, for the uninitiated), announced the release of "Phish:Ventura," a six-CD box set, including soundchecks, from the band's performances at the Ventura County Fairgrounds on 7/30/97 and 7/20/98.

You can see the entire track listing here.

Additionally, here is a sample track from "Phish: Ventura" ... a killer Bathtub Gin from the 7/20/98 show.

The box set ($36) currently is available for pre-order through Phish Dry Goods. Everyone who pre-orders "Phish:Ventura" also receives the bonus CD, "Buenaventura," featuring 10 tracks from Phish's March 21, 1993 show at the Ventura Theatre. The official public release date is set for June 18. Pre-orders ship June 14.

If you just can't wait that long, or if you haven't ever heard these gems of shows, here is a link to stream the entire 7/30/97 show via YouTube. 

Also, Hidden Track posted links to streaming versions of Bathtub Gin along with Stash and a blurb about the shows written by Phish Archivist Kevin Shapiro.

May 7, 2013

Videos Surface of Fishman and Page Performing this Past Weekend is blessing Phish nation this week. Yesterday, we pointed out that Page McConnell played with the Meter Men at the New Orleans Jazz Festival over the weekend. Today, JamBase posted links to videos of Page playing with the Meter Men, but also included links to video of Jon Fishman sitting in with We're Bionic at The Radio Bean in Burlington, Vermont.

Check it out; it's all right here.

Our friends @YemBlog posted a video of Phish ripping Maze from 12/31/1997 at Madison Square Garden.  As YemBlog put it ... "Deliciously extended. See if you can find the 'Birdland' tease." It's the shit, kiddos. Arguably the best Maze ever. Play it loud and play it more than once.

And here is a fun thread over at about Phish stickers and license plates. I think this Phish sticker is my favorite.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the 3rd edition of The Phish Companion, if you're into it, Masthay Studios released a Famous Mockingbird pin for $15 a pop. "A generous portion of the proceeds" go to The Mockingbird Foundation. 

Phinally, from Glide Magazine's Hidden Track there is updated footage of Phish inducting Genesis into the Rock'N'Roll Hall of Fame.

May 6, 2013

Latest Phish News from Around the Internets

BLUEGRASS SESSIONS RESURFACES featured The Bluegrass Sessions, the nine-part never-commercially-released documentary filmed during Fall Tour 1994 by the Rev. Jeff Mosier, who Phish hired and brought on tour to give them bluegrass lessons.

The Wagger posted links to this video back in 2008, but you can also see the entire documentary, which is a great snapshot of what it was like to be on the road with Phish in 1994, by heading over to Jambase and following their links.

Here's a review of the Meter Men show, featuring Page McConnell, from the New Orleans Jazz Fest over the weekend.

Here's a review of the Trey Anastasio Band show from the Crystak Ballroom here in Portland, Ore. This is the one show I attended on Treys's spring tour, mostly because it was about a mile from my house. I more or less agree with his review, which means I don't need to write one now!

 I've now seen the Trey Anastasio Band 23 times ... not sure how that happened but I'm glad it did!

May 3, 2013

New Trey Anastasio Band Videos, Free Mike Gordon Download

My Google alert for "Trey Anastasio" yielded five Couch Tour videos from the Trey Band's April 2013 tour. Check 'em out!

Pigtail from the Fox Theater in Oakland, 4/19/13.

Shine and Wherever You Find It, and Burlap Sack and Pumps from the Fox Theater in Oakland, 4/20/13.

Sand from the Moore Theater in Seattle, Washington, 4/19/13.

Courtesy of here is a free download of Mike Gordon's show at The Egg in Albany, New York on 12/11/2011.

Here's a fun thread over at Someone is writing an article that is "essentially a guide for buying Phish tickets." Check it out and throw in your two cents and experiences.

PAGE MCCONNELL JOINS TRYPTOPHUNK IN NEW ORLEANS reports that The Chairman of the Boards sat in with Tryptophunk, an all-star New Orleans-based band that features Meters bassist George Porter, Jr., Papa Grows Funk keyboardist John Gros, drummer Terrence Houston from George Porter and the Runnin' Pardners, Funky Meters guitarist Brian Stoltz, and Bonerama horn players Mark Mullens and Craig Klein.

Mr. Page McConnell joined Tryptophunk for a late-night set following his show at The Republic with The Meter Men.

May 2, 2013

Fishman to Play Jam Cruise

Jon Fishman and his bar band, Pork Tornado, have signed on to play Jam Cruise 12.