December 21, 2008

Sunday Night Football Plays Phish

I'm watching the New York Giants play the Carolina Panthers on Sunday Night Football. They did a short retrospective on Hall-of-Fame quarterback Sammy Baugh, who just passed away at 96 years old.

Anyway, the music accompanying the piece in the background was The In-Law Josie Wales.


John Madden was talking over Trey!!!

In fact, here is a video on You Tube that has the exact part of the song played on Sunday Night Football.


Erich said...

Wasn't that awesome?! My girlfriend and I were watching the Panthers game last night, and just before the Sammy Baugh segment, I went to refill my drink. Three seconds later my girlfriend calls out, "Erich! Erich! They're playing the Josie Wales song!"

I've always loved hearing the occasional Guyute or YEM on the Weather Channel from time to time, but I never thought I'd hear Phish in the middle of a Sunday Night Football game. It was just SO cool to hear. I'm also very proud of my girl for recognizing the song so quickly, as I'm slowly but surely training her to appreciate the musical greatness o' Phish. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure some of you remember Phish being played during the closing credits of the Superbowl some years back. I believe it was on 2002. I honestly cant remember what exact song it was, but i want to say it was the end of waste.

Matt Cavins said...

Awesome! I just googled this because I heard the same song played just now on the Indy @ Houston game. They were talking about Bum Phillips who just passed away. Apparently that is SNL's "Someone died" song.