January 28, 2009

Phish Tickets: Got Any?

It's nearing the end of the mail order (sorry, online ticket requests -- I can't help it. I'm old school) notification week, and so far, once again, about a dozen people I know all got shut out (scratch that ... just received word a friend got miracled for Knoxville). These are people who have been seeing the band since the early 1990s and live in all corners of the country. So, it's not like the screwed up their order.

Everyone knew Phish's 2009 Summer Tour was going to be a hot ticket, and we all have our theories about which show(s) to hit to catch BLISS (I'm betting on the Asheville-Knoxville run ... smaller towns and venues, leading up to Bonnaroo, middle of the tour, in the mountains more or less ... it has all the ingredients to really pop!).

Did you happen to score tickets? Yes or no, share your thoughts and feelings about this new age in scoring tickets to see the band.

So, the question is, how will the Ticketbastard system work this weekend? All tickets gone in 30 seconds again, like Hampton? Stay tuned ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I managed 2 tix to Camden through Phish Tickets but got shutout at Jones Beach and Great Woods. At least I get to focus on Jones Beach Friday and Great Woods Saturday. Really hoping for Great Woods, that's going to be the money show in the NE.