November 16, 2009

Phish New Year's Eve 2009 Tickets, Fall Tour Kicks Off, and the Latest from Around the Web

The mail order, ahem, excuse me, ticket lottery window has closed for scoring admission to see Phish play December 28 - 31 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Good luck to everyone who put in for tickets. Tickets for the New Years run go on sale through Ticketbastard this Saturday morning at 10am EDT, or 7am PDT.

Good luck to all!

I've never, ever, not once, received tickets through their online ticketing system, but here's hoping they come through for me this time. This is, after all, a New Years run in Miami, about an hour south of my hometown of West Palm Beach, and just across the bridge from the Cameo Theatre, where I saw Phish for the first time (<--video link to David Bowie with the Theme from Jeopardy) in 1993.

Also, FYI, there is a quaint, outdoor venue across the street from the American Airlines Arena called Bayfront Park, where I saw Phish play later in August 1993 to a half-full, at best, amphitheater. (I clearly remember that night somebody wheeling a hand cart into the backstage area that was stacked with six cases of Bush beer in a can -- apparently that was Trey's favorite beer -- and then the band walking out and ripping our faces off with a Runaway Jim for the ages!)

If you go to the New Years run make sure to check out Bayfront Park. It's a trip to look at this tiny venue across the street from one of the massive arenas they play in today.

Phish's 2009 Fall Tour kicks off this Wednesday night in Detroit. Hard to believe the 2009 Fall Tour is already upon us. What a year this has been!

Stay tuned to The Wagger for real-time setlist updates, photos from each show, links to download crispy copies of audience recordings, and hopefully a link to a live feed or two. And please, e-mail me your photos from tour to phishwagger at G mail dot com and I will post them here for everyone to see.

See you on the road this fall!

If you're interested in checking out video from the Halloween run, head on over to YouTube and type "Phish Indio" into the search box (or simply click on the preceding link) and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Also, The Burble now has its own Facebook page! Check it out.

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Anonymous said...

I was living in Deerfield Beach, FL from 1993- to 2001

I was @ the Cameo Theatre (fish's mom came on stage to play the vacuum- Legendary show!!)

Bayfront was cool- great Fee

How about WPB auditorium w/ Jimmy Buffet and Butch Trucks- Brown Eyed Girl

or SunFest - That was a sick show!!

but the best Florida show has to be UCF- That made a movie from that show it was soooo good..
One of the best Maze in phistory

The Wagger said...

Apparently, you and I have spent a lot of time in the same rooms/lawns. Ever seen Crazy Fingers ... Dead cover band from WPB?

The Wagger said...

And no, UCF was not the best Florida show. Come on, man. Big Cypress!!! But yeah, I agree with you. I was at every show you named.