June 14, 2010

5.9 Magnitude San Diego Earthquake Actually Aftershock from Last Night's Phish Show in Hersheypark, Download the Show, and the Latest Phish News from Around the Web

PhishChic and I were just sitting here watching the TV show Deadliest Catch and felt an earthquake, which according to the Los Angeles Times reached a magnitude of 5.9. In reality, though, I think it was an aftershock, created by last night's Phish show in Hersheypark Stadium -- which smoked from Jibboo on -- that rolled across the country and just now hit Southern California.

It's possible Phish created that much energy. Check it out yourself. Download a crispy audience recording of exactly what Phish sounded like at Hersheypark -- audience, shifting sound and all -- by clicking here, courtesy of Mr. Minor's PhishThoughts.com.

Interesting, the San Diego Union Tribune web site was flooded with people, most likely, arguably, looking for information about why their Halogen lamps and hanging plants and crudely put-together DVD/CD holders just shook violently enough to scare the cat.

The Union Tribune, as of this post, has nothing on its web site's home page about the 5.9 earthquake that just sputtered through Southern California.

The San Diego News Network, an upstart, scrappy-little Internet-only news site, says the earthquake felt here reached 5.7 magnitude. Even they beat out the San Diego Union Tribune.

The Los Angeles Times, in fact, has a big, bold, beligerent, blaring red button on the top of its page that says, "BREAKING NEWS." And then, since nothing's posted with the link (as of this post), there is another link inviting you to sign up for updates. Brilliant newspaper marketing by the LA Times. (Although, since this was posted originally, the LA Times has taken the bold, red breaking news button off the top and buried the story three links down on the right side of it's featured piece.

The San Diego Union Tribune looks like a kid kicking a can in an alleyway, completely oblivious people are looking to them for information about what just happened in their San Diego, California homes.

And by the way ...

Here's the Grateful Dead doing California Earthquake, a great cover they only played a couple of times in the late 1980s.

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U-T newsroom said...

From the U-T: We actually had a story ready to go within six minutes but encountered quake-traffic related computer problems: Basically everyone in town going to SignOnSanDiego at once to ask "Was that an earthquake?"
Rest assured our tech guys are at work this morning making sure that doesn't happen again.
Tom Mallory
U-T homepage editor