July 6, 2008

Trey, Mike & Fishman Together at Rothbury

Phish was three-quarters of the way present on the roll call at the ROTHBURY music festival in Michigan earlier today (Sunday, July 6), but just as The Wagger predicted there was no full-fledged Phish reunion.

This is funny and irritating all at once . . . here is a "reporter" from ROTHBURY announcing that Phish is getting back together because Trey and Mike performed together "for the first time in four years." Ah, yeah. Nevermind the 2006 Summer Tour they did as the GRAB Band, or Mike & The Italians. And never mind the fact that Fishman was on-stage with them. What an idiot! This reporter also says the festival is "swimming in alcohol and drugs, like any other outdoor festival featuring jam bands." God, that sort of blanket statement pisses me off!

Anyway, rumor has it that Page may have been hanging out backstage, but he was nowhere to be seen when Trey and Fishman joined the Mike Gordon Band on-stage for a rendition of The Beatles' "She Said, She Said."

Here is a photo of Mike and Trey performing at ROTHBURY. Here is another one from Rolling Stone, which now has coverage of the festival posted online. Once again, Mike shows that he is a true fashion icon. And I believe that is a Langeudoc bass guitar Mike is using.

This was the second time this trio has been together on-stage since Coventry, the first being when Trey and Mike played an acoustic version of The Divided Sky in Ithaca, New York and Fishman walked out for two quick taps on one of Mike's cymbals (the ones he used to keep on the corner of Fishman's drum riser back in the day) to signal the transition into the long, jammed-out section of the epic tune.

Anyway, happy day! Look for files of the show to be posted at etree's Community Tracker sometime tomorrow.

While you're there, download the Phil Lesh & Friends show from ROTHBURY on the same day. It is (I'm watching it via iClips.com while composing this post) one smokin' set. The highlight has to be the Help on the Way -> Slipknot! -> Franklin's Tower ripped out to open the second set. This version brings the funk in a way I think Jerry would have loved.


Anonymous said...

lets see your f**ing fashion wardrobe, mr. i comment about successful musicians because i'm not one

Wag said...

Sorry dude but I've worked professionally as a musician since 1987. Try to relax. I love Phish. It was a joke.