July 1, 2008

Mike Gordon Makes His Own Statement About Phish Reunion

An article appearing in today's Chicago Sun-Times newspaper quotes Phish bassist Mike Gordon discussing the possibility of a Phish reunion later this year.

"There isn't really anything more to say than what's been said, because we don't know yet,'' Mike told the newspaper, referring to the letter keyboardist Page McConnell recently wrote and posted on Phish's website.

Mike goes on to say, "We all are liking the idea of doing something."

New flash Mike -- so are we.

Well, one thing has not changed at all about the guys from Phish: they sure know how to make you stop dead in your tracks and pay attention to what they're doing.

OK, let's recap. First, Trey referenced a Phish reunion in Rolling Stone. Next, Phish lyricist Tom Marshall told PopMatters.com that "Trey wants Phish to come back" and "No one wants Phish back more than Trey." That was followed by Page's letter, which made the world turn upsidedown, start spinning, stop abruptly and then right itself again with the news it contained. Now, we have word from Mike that he's into it as well. So, what's left?

It's your turn Fishman. And no, the rumored e-mail that supposedly came from you talking about the band hiring producer Steve Lillywhite to help record a new album does not count. Here at The Wagger, we are calling for you, Henrietta, Greezy Fizeek, Bob Weaver, or whomever you are this week, to turn and address the Phish Tank directly!

Well . . . . . we're waiting . . . . . (fingers crossed)

On a side note, even with all of the rumblings over the last month about the band deciding to spend some time together in late 2008, I still don't think a Phish reunion at Rothbury is in the cards. Read The Wagger's prior post on the subject to find out why there will be no Rothbury Phish reunion.

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