October 18, 2008

Shut Out of Phish Hampton Tickets

I got shut out of all three shows!

Did you get tickets?

I know a dozen or so people who got shut out. I actually was in the phone system and given the option to buy two tickets for each night and it would not accept my debit card, saying it was an invalid number, but it's a brand new card I've used online and at a cash registers plenty of times already.

This reminds me of the Radio City Music Hall fiasco several years back, when scalper technology booted everyone offline.

Have you checked prices on eBay? They are out of control. I encourage everyone reading this, no matter how tempting it is, to not buy tickets on eBay. Hopefully, we'll get some relief once they announce more dates, 200,000 more tickets are in circulation and demand for Hampton is way down.


Anonymous said...

I didn't get any either. I know more than 15 ppl who didn't get tickets for any show. What is going on with Ticketmaster these days? When I finally got through I was 2 minutes too late according to the Arab sounding woman I talked to. Maybe Osama bin Laden is a Phish fan and bought all of them.

samurai said...

the ticket situation is completely ridiculous, and heart-breaking for the many-many real phish fans who lost out to a bunch of money hungry yuppies!!! -punch u in the eye!

...watch your karma....

TK said...

i was at trey at higher ground and this girl was going OFF about how rigged the whole ticketing system is. i didn't really pay much attention until she mentioned that the ticket "brokers" (who are part of ticketbastard, by the way) seem to have gotten all the tickets and are now charging insane prices. so, ticketbastard gets us either through regular ticketing or through a "broker". this can't be legal. either way it sure blows.