October 21, 2008

Trey Anastasio Band Lupo's Setlist

First of all, sign the petition to get Hampton simulcast in theaters, like Phish did in the past with Brooklyn and Coventry.

Now for the Lupos setlist: (Photo courtesy of Musical Stew Daily)

Set One: Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown > Last Tube, Tube Top Flop, Sweet Dreams Melinda, Cayman Review, Ooh Child, Alaska, Backwards Down The Number Line, Gone, Sand

Set Two: Push On 'Til The Day, Gotta Jibboo, Drifting, Simple Twist Up Dave, Water In The Sky*, Brian and Robert*, Back On The Train*, A Case Of Ice and Snow, Tuesday

Encore: First Tube**

Show Notes: *Trey solo acoustic; **with Scott Muraski (Guitar), Oteil Burbridge (bass) and Bill Kreutzman (drums)

Up next: The Orpheum Theatre in Boston, Mass., Thursday, October 23 at 7:30 p.m. This show is SOLD OUT.

Question: Does anyone know why Trey is now calling the song Tube Top Flop rather than Tube Top Wobble?

On a side note, I found this interesting article on Phish and the Jewish influence on the band.

As for the hottest topic of the year, is anyone out there willing to pay the exhorbitant amount of money the scalpers want for tickets to next year's Hampton run? The highest I've seen so far is $6,500 for two tickets to the March 6 show.

Please, do not buy tickets from scalpers, no matter how tempting it may be. And in case it's been so long since you thought about it, remember that scalpers print fake tickets that look like the real McCoy but are not. An easy way to tell is to burn one of the corners of the ticket. Real tickets burn normally. Fake tickets bubble up.

If you're still hunting, and don't plan to stop, like me, best of luck. Hopefully I'll see you there. I am going to Hampton regardless. I at least have to be at ground zero.

Why? Besides the obvious, here are some ZZYZX stats, by way of the Mockingbird Foundation, on previous Hampton runs.

And by the way, the Hidden Track Blog over at Glide Magazine has a thread going on about a guy who got Hampton tickets over the phone. I too was taking the phone route, which has never failed me. In late 2002, I landed tickets to all three nights of the Hampton run for the post-hiatus shows. Here is what happened to me last weekend, as I originally posted at Hidden Track:

I ... got on the phone about 9:30 a.m. — 6:30 a.m. in Oregon where I live — and managed to keep myself in the system for half an hour by asking the automated Ticketbastard “Bot” to keep repeating the information it just told me. Right at 10 a.m. (7 a.m.) I said yes to two, three-night ticket packages. Then, the system asked me for my billing information. I entered it but the system told me it was an invalid number. I tried it again with the same result. Mind you, this is a debit card I’ve had for months, used it online and offline with no problems whatsoever. Anyway, I entered the information a third time, and when the system said it was an invalid number it then hung up on me.

I had two tickets to each night in my hand and lost them because of an f’ing computer!!!

Come to find out on Monday, my bank put a freeze on my card, saying they thought it was stolen because someone was trying to buy tickets to a concert in another state where my card had never been used. So, the bank denied the transaction, saying they were looking out for my best interests.

Needless to say, Monday afternoon I closed my account and opened a new one at another bank.

God, they were in my hands!!!!!


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