March 4, 2009

Countdown to Phish at Hampton, Day 2

The big news of the day is that Phish plans to offer free MP3 downloads of the Hampton shows, available at, within 24 hours of the end of each show. You can also purchase a FLAC version for $12.95 or order a CD for $23.

Of course, if you can't wait that long there is a "No Spoiler" audience recording being uploaded ASAP after the first show ends (thanks to Mr. Minor for taking the initiative). I'll probably download both, to tell you the truth. It'll be nice to have an audience and a soundboard recording of the festivities.

In an about face from the free downloads, the Phish camp has asked a federal judge in Norfolk, Vir. "to allow its workers to seize any unauthorized merchandise at its three Hampton Coliseum shows ... and at venues across the country," according to this article in the Virginian-Pilot newspaper. No clear word on whether the band seeks to halt the sale of merchandise bearing its logo, name or both.

I wonder how that injunction will effect an 11-and-under baseball team from the Hampton Roads area that planned to sell t-shirts showing the famous image of the Hampton Coliseum with the words "Mothership" and "Phish Hampton Reunion March 6-8." Going by the lawsuit, since the name Phish appears on their shirts, Phish's workers would have the right to seize all 600 shirts the team printed up. The boys are just trying to raise enough money to get to Cooperstown and the Major League Baseball Hall-of-Fame. Let them play!!!

According to a recent post with photos at Hidden Track, Phish's stage setup has already been loaded into the Mothership, which seems to confirm my belief that they are rehearsing inside the venue this week (but that is a wild guess). There is also some construction going on, courtesy of Russ Bennett, who is responsible for much of the layout and design at previous Phish festivals, near the fountain in front of the coliseum, with speculation on what it may be. A mini-Mothership??

Also, here is an article published in the Tampa, Fla. edition of Creative Loafing magazine as part of its "Phish Saves America" series. Funny stuff and some video links posted as well.

And for those of you lucky enough to go to Hampton, here is a post from written by a local and Phish-head that details local establishments well-worth visiting, as well as suggestions for things to do outside of waiting around your room for the lots to open. Get out and get to know the area!

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Anonymous said...

It's always been the band's policy to confiscate any merch that has their name or logo. Lyrics are OK though tour dates are not.

They always had a federal thing like this allowing them to do protect their image and brand, across all states. One of my shirts was confiscated at the Went, they took it to a trailer where it was reviewed, and then they returned it to me, complementing me on its originality. The guy was so polite.

More power to them if they want to control their image - Fish hates tie dyes so never, never do their logo on a dye.