March 7, 2009

Phish Hampton Coliseum Setlist, March 7, 2009

It's a wrap. One more show tomorrow night, March 8, 2009 in Hampton, Vir. But you already know that!


Back on the Train, Runaway Jim, Brian & Robert, Split Open & Melt, Heavy Things*, Punch You in the Eye**, Gumbo, Reba#, Mexican Cousin, It's Ice*** Halley's Comet, Beauty of a Broken Heart ****, Guelah Papyrus*****, Lawn Boy, Run like an Antelope

Time of Set: 1:39

Rock'n'Roll^ --> Limb by Limb, Story of the Ghost --> Piper --> Birds of a Feather, Wolfman's Brother^^ --> Prince Caspian, Mike's Song --> I am Hydrogen --> Weekapaug Groove --> Character Zero

A Day in the Life^^^

# no whistling
Phans did the wave; **HUGE screams from the crowd during the "Hey" part; *** VERY spacey middle section; **** On Page's solo album, first time played; ***** Trey & Mike dance
^Glowstick war; ^^ Chris Kuroda seen dancing at the lightboard; ^^^Trey & Fishman walked off arm-in-arm

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Back on the Train
Outside the Mothership
Runaway Jim
Split Open & Melt
The Rhombus
Sample in a Jar video (last night)
YEM Trampolines (last night)
Divided Sky (last night)
Photo 7
Everything you could want in photos from tonight, March 7
March 6
Setbreak, March 7
Photo 11
Limb by Limb
View from the Soundboard
Photo 17
Mike's Song
I am Hydrogen
Grind (last night)
Runaway Jim (video)
Mike's Song (video)
I am Hydrogen (video)
Weekapaug Groove (video)
Wolfman's Brother (video)
Run Like an Antelope (video -- complete song)
A Day in the Life (video)
Reba (video)
Punch You in the Eye (video)
Prince Caspian (video)
Limb by Limb (video)
Lawn Boy (video)

Cops are out in full force, arresting 50 people today.

Here's a photo and another from Andy Gadiel just a few minutes before show time. Here's another one from last night. And here are a ton of cool photos and a review of last night's show from And don't forget the great images from's From the Road. More below.


smooth operator said...

once again, thanks for the updates.

can't believe the business about 50 people being arrested. i understand that drugs are illegal, i get that, and arrests are to be expected. especially in a parking lot, rather than behind the fences at a festival. however, the use of undercover cops is dispicable and aggregious!

anyway, incredible setlist so far!!

Ivan Storck said...

thanks so much for posting live updates!!! it's awesome!

smooth operator said...

second set is so unbelievable

can't comprehend it...

Anonymous said...

Somehow, those guys figured out how to turn back the clock to say 93-94... when they were focused on nailing their parts and doing PHISH with surgical precision. If they stay moving in this level of collaborative direction, I'm back on the KOOL AID.