September 5, 2009

Latest Phish News and Downloads (including previously uncircualted shows) from Around the Internet

The release of Phish's 11th studio album and first in five years, Joy, is just three days away, and you would think that with a little downtime between live performances that Phish would sort of drop out of the news spotlight. But no. Publications and web sites from all over the U.S., and a few in Europe, continue to devote column space to Phish, with articles and blog entries published and posted all over the place.

So, The Wagger made it easy for the discerning Phish-head to locate these tidbits in one location. Below is the latest Phish news and links to downloads, including some rare gems never before available on a widespread basis, from across the globe -- some you may have already read or heard, some you'll find new. Enjoy!

Phish: Joy (ICT Magazine) - from The Wagger -- This is the most poorly written, verbose article I have ever seen in my life. I think the writer wanted his readers to see that he has an exceptional vocabulary, even if he doesn't know how to use the words to string together a readable story.
Album Review: Phish, 'Joy' (Turn it Up - Chicago Tribune)
Phish Hartford Review (
Phish bassist explores musical universe in solo career (Boston Herald)
Can these stars rock autumn? (Wall Street Journal)
Phish: Joy (Jambase)
Phish is back, with 'Joy' (NPR -- includes video)
Billboard Album Review: Phish - Joy (Billboard)
Phish's New Stage Mics (Broadcast Newsroom from back in March)
The Vistor Disc - Revisited (DogGone Blog)
The Lost Art of the Encore (DogGone Blog)
The Night The Moma was Born (Mr. Minor's Phish Thoughts)
Two Great Tastes, but Not Great Together (New York Times)
Jamband Thank You Ma'am (Entertainment Weekly)
Guilty Pleasures: Round Two - VOTE FOR PHISH (Entertainment Weekly)
Joy! The New Phish Album Leaked Across the Internet (
Phish Tale: Bob Jones, AU Grads Back at Full Throttle (Huntsville Times)
So this is the Band, Phish - a ridiculous, hilarious Blog (Fuck You, Phish)
Mike Gordon Finds Satisfaction in Music and More (Poughkeepsie Journal)
Moments in a Box - The Gorge (Mr. Minor's Phish Thoughts)

Palace Theater, New Haven, CT 3/19/1992 (eTree Community Tracker)
Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME (Mr. Minor's Phish Thoughts)
Phish Soundboard Tracks Leak (Hidden Track)
G.R.A.B. Band, Darien Lake, 7/8/2006 (eTree Community Tracker)
West Palm Beach, Fla., 4/28/1994 - The Wagger's Hometown!!! (eTree Community Tracker)
Phish - The Overload, Halloween 1996 - video (The Butter Room)
Uncirculated DAUD, Las Vegas, 10/30/1998 (eTree Community Tracker)
Uncirculated DAUD, The Paradise, Boston, 3/24/1989 (eTree Community Tracker)

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