September 3, 2009

NPR to Feature Phish on Friday, Sept. 4; Joy Box DVD Track Listing; Burlington Free Press Interview with Page

Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell will appear on National Public Radio's (NPR) Morning Edition on Thursday, September 4 for a full feature segment on Phish. Click here to find your local NPR affiliate.

Last week,
NPR featured Phish's song "Backwards Down The Number Line" as its "Song Of The Day." In case you missed it you can listen to it by clicking here.

As part of Phish's limited edition Joy Box, set for shipping in early October, the band is including a live DVD version of Joy featuring performances of the new material from the first half of Summer Tour 2009.

Joy: THE DVD (from Joy Box)

1. Time Turns Elastic (16:34) - 5/31/09 Boston, MA
2. Sugar Shack (4:52) - 6/7/09 Camden, NJ
3. Joy (5:08) - 6/7/09 Camden, NJ
4. Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan (5:03) - 6/12/09 Manchester, TN
5. Alaska (7:37) - 6/12/09 Manchester, TN
6. Light (12:30) - 6/14/09 Manchester, TN
7. Ocelot (9:32) - 6/19/09 Noblesville, IN
8. Backwards Down The Number Line (7:44) - 6/19/09 Noblesville, IN
9. Kill Devil Falls (8:09) - 6/20/09 East Troy, WI

I Been Around does not appear on Joy: THE DVD because Phish did not debut the song until the final night of Late Summer Tour 2009 at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Alaska appears in its place, a song that everyone expected to appear on Joy anyway, but instead is included as part of the bonus studio album, Party Time -- available only by purchasing the Joy Box ... at least for now.

It will be interesting to hear the contrast from the album version of the songs and how Phish worked them up through live performances a couple of months after recording Joy.

Phish's hometown newspaper, the Burlington Free Press, published an interview with Page McConnell called "A Chat with Page, Phish Keyboardist," as well as a slew of other articles about Phish in today's (Thursday, Sept. 3) newspaper.

In the interview with Page, he discusses new, possibly solo, material he plans to work on between now and Festival 8, what those first few moments working together in the studio as Phish felt like, and how the last leg of Summer Tour may have felt better playing in Phish than at any other time in the band's history. Click here to read the Q&A with Page.

The additional articles include:
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