May 9, 2013

Let's Talk About Phish ... Gorge '98 Video

"Let's talk about Phish" is the header for a post by user telascomet calling for Phishheads everywhere to start some serious discussion, which is "the reason we're all here anyway."

Telascomet suggests the impetus behind creating his/her discussion topic, dated May 7, is because the Phish message boards are "clogged up with boring threads."

So, add your two cents, or kill some time checking out some of the responses.

VIDEO: THE GORGE 7-17-1998
I remember standing right in front of Mike when they walked out that day. They all looked like they were stoned to the bejesus, and Trey seems to confirm this when he drops "dank" as the Makisupa Policeman keyword.

Watch, and see if you can spot my head. I'm right .... there! has the definitive essay on the history and significance of the "keyword" in Makisupa Policeman. You gotta check it out, just 'cause someone took the time and effort to get it all down on "paper," and it's right on.

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