June 16, 2008

Trey Anastasio Sits in with Robert Randolph & The Family Band

As he gradually awakens from his year-and-a-half-long slumber, we find our hero, Trey Anastasio sitting in with Robert Randolph & The Family Band at the Jones Beach Amphitheater in Wantagh, Long Island, New York.

The sound is kind of muddy, and the picture is more than a little fuzzy, but it is Lawn Boy . . . in the flesh, doing what he does best -- playing a Languedoc hollow body electric guitar. (Paul has developed a new Languedoc. It looks different, but super sweet! Interesting that one of the cutouts is so small. You can see it here on his website.)

The long, late Spring 2008 dethawing of Mr. Anastasio -- who seems to be methodically drifting back towards center stage, ramping up to his upcoming summer performances -- brings him into the path of Robert Randolph, who was opening up for Eric Clapton at the time.


Wait a minute, didn't Slowhand decide to retire (ahem) from performing live, or at least from touring, a few years back? What happened there? Well, at least his retirement lasted longer than Roger Clemens' decision to bow out after the 2003 season, which culminated in his New York Yankees losing to the Florida Marlins in the World Series.

Oh, what wonderful memories that invokes . . .


Anyway, back at Jones Beach on June 5, unfortunately, Trey either didn't get an invitation to sit in with Slowhand or . . . actually, I doubt there is an or to this story. Most likely, Clapton didn't invite our hero to join him for an impromptu jam on stage. Perhaps because so many people have said over the years that Trey looks a lot like Clapton, and Trey can, at the very least, keep up with Clapton. I would even be so bold as to argue that Trey could actually shred ol' Del on the right night under the right circumstances . . . OK, it might have to be a very special evening, but still, it is within the realm of possibility simply by playing the odds; if the two played together night after night, eventually, it would happen, just like . . . just like . . . ah . . . just like . . . in my dreams?

My point here is this:

It's good to see Big Red back on stage, playing Bo Diddley (or any other tune in the known universe for that matter) just a couple of days after the great rock'n'roll pioneer's death.

Enjoy the clip, which is posted over at Jamtopia. And please forward on to The Wagger anything and everything you find on Trey's re-emergence into the public eye. I would hate to miss even a single note of the ongoing warm-up. . .

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