March 27, 2008

Free Online Version of Photoshop Now Available

How cool is this?

Adobe Systems, Inc., makers of the quintessential photo editing program Photoshop, which normally retails for more than $600, announced today the availability of an online, free version of the software called Adobe Photoshop Express.

This is great news for people, like me, working in the communications field who have a need to use Photoshop from time to time, but just not enough to justify plopping down $600+ for the program.

I've used a pirated version of Photoshop, because of the price, for years, but only for cropping photos, or for shrinking the size of an image to fit a Web page, newsletter or whatever medium I happen to be working with that day.

If you've never used Photoshop but love taking pictures and sharing them with people, either via e-mail or by printing them out on glossy matte paper - the do-it-yourself approach to photography that takes out the local drugstore or photo developing lab - and mailing them at birthdays and holidays, this free program is for you.

They even offer free storage space for your photos, and your own personal URL (Web page) where you can post your photos for anyone to see.

Give it a test run. You'll never again use the photo editor that came on CD with your digital camera, or whatever Windows/Mac program came bundled with your computer.

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