March 23, 2008

How the Economic Crisis Hit

Finally, someone wrote a story that sums up how the U.S. creeped into this current recession - or, according to that financial genius President George Bush, the current "economic slowdown."

It's scary when the President of the United States is asked his thoughts on the likelihood that domestic gasoline prices will top $4 per gallon sometime this spring, and he responds to the questioning reporter by saying, "Wait? What did you say?" What's even scarier is the Bush-Walker family is in the oil business.

Well, President Bush did run several companies into the ground while making millions before the Supreme Court appointed him president back in 2000. So, it comes as no surprise to The Wagger that the U.S. has been run with the same determination during the last seven years.

According to my calendar, there are only 302 days left until a new president is sworn into office. Tuesday, January 20, 2009 can't come soon enough for this U.S. citizen and registered voter.

By the way, if you are not registered to vote and are eligible ... what's wrong with you? Register to vote now by clicking here. It only takes a few minutes, and if you think your vote does not matter, or will not count, just remember - it was thinking like that in 1999 that got us into this current mess.

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