March 30, 2008

Neil Young with Phish

I've been looking for a copy of this show, Phish playing with Neil Young, ever since it happened 10 years ago, and although this is only one song I wanted to post it here for everyone to enjoy.

I remember very distinctly finding out these two played together over the weekend. I was married at the time, and just plugged in to my first high-speed Internet connection, which was unbelievably fast at the time - seemed like warp speed. I remember we passed a very boring weekend (it rained like crazy all week, so we were stuck indoors Fri. - Sun.) watching VH1 Behind the Music, new at the time, and playing some ridiculous card game she invented.

When I logged on to the Internet Sunday night to check up on the latest Phish news, and look at the set lists from the shows we caught that summer at Portland Meadows (my ex-wife's first show, now officially released as part of the Live Phish series) and at The Gorge that summer, I couldn't believe my eyes; just hours earlier they had performed at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit in the Bay Area over the weekend. It takes eight to 10 hours to drive from Portland to San Francisco, easily accomplished in one day. We could have left on Friday night, drove back on Monday and only missed one day of work. In other words, we sat around on the couch all weekend while we could have been at the show.

C'est la vie ... opportunities lost ...

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