March 20, 2008

Michigan Primary Re-Vote Plan Bites the Dust

Michigan's plan to conduct a re-do presidential primary collapsed today, and Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton started arguing over the fate of the state's 156 available delegates.

Democratic leaders in Michigan proposed conducting a do-over primary on June 3, to be funded by private donors, and state lawmakers were supposed to vote today on a bill authorizing a second Democratic primary. Michigan senators, however, were less than enthusiastic and adjourned this afternoon without even bringing it up in session.

In the original primary, held last January, so early in the voting season that it violated Democratic party rules and subsequently stripped the state of all delegates, Hillary won 55 percent of Michigan's delegates.

Obama, who did not appear on the original ballot, now wants the delegates split in half, while Hillary, rightfully so, rejects the idea.

I think the only thing to say here is, "Nice going Howard Dean." Dean, the Democractic National Party chairman, made a huge mistake, in the opinion of The Wagger, by stripping both Michigan and Florida of all delegates, disenfranchising Democratic voters from both states.

In Florida, a record 1.7 million voters turned out on election day, and that's just on the Democratic side. Again, nice job Howard. The Republicans punished both states, but at least let half of the delegates count.

How about a scream, Dr. Dean? Idiot ...

So, if Michigan and Florida Democrats decide to vote for McCain this fall, rather than the Democratic candidate, Howard Dean will be to blame. You can tell Dean what you think of his decision, and offer him a suggestion for dealing with Michigan and Florida (why not? no one else has a clue what to do ...) by going to the Democratic National Committee Web site and sending them an e-mail.

On a side note, I am from Palm Beach County, Florida, and I have to say that my people back there in the Sunshine State, the fourth most populated sate in the union, shouldn't get to participate anymore. They screwed up the election in 2000, causing Bush to be awarded the presidency by the Supreme Court, and they screwed up again in 2004. Florida Voters knew their delegates were not going to count when they went to the polls back in January, or at least the DNC's ruling was public knowledge at that point. The same holds true in Michigan. ,

So why didn't anyone make a stink about it then? Your guess is as good as mine. Therefore, it is The Wagger's opinion that neither state deserves a re-vote, and here CNN backs me up.

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