June 7, 2009

Phish Camden Setlist, Links, Photos and Song Stats

I've posted links to tons of videos, many of them complete songs in high definition, from Fenway Park, Jones Beach, Great Woods and tonight's show, on each night's web page (bottom right of this page).
Download an audience recording of tonight's show, courtesy of PhishThoughts.com "No Spoilers." The entire tour is available as well.

June 7, 2009

Chalk Dust Torture, Fee^ --> Wolfman's Brother, Guyute, My Sweet One, 46 Days, The Lizards, The Wedge, Strange Design, Tube, First Tube^^

Sand*, Suzie Greenberg, Limb by Limb**, The Horse --> Silent in the Morning, Sugar Shack***#, Character Zero, Tweezer###

Joy***##, Bouncing Around the Room, Run Like and Antelope, Tweeprise

^Trey botched the lyrics and laughed hysterically. The post song jam stretched out and entered new territory from the typical, post-Fee harmonic jam; ^^Trey says, "Well, we might as well play this one now.” Only the second time First Tube and Tube have been played back to back, the other time being 12/31/03; *with Train Song teases -- This is only the second time Sand has been played since 10/6/00 -- that's right, it was played only once after the hiatus; **Massive Glowstick war; ***New song, first time played; #New Mike original; ##Trey said they had a blast on the Northeast run and want to continue playing there tonight as long as possible, and he also talked for a while about playing new songs; ###This was only the second time in history that Tweezer closed the second set, the first time being 18 years ago on 11/14/91 in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Here's a link to the petition again -- tell Phish you want them to provide a live stream of every show; just one camera pointed directly at the stage -- no frills, no cuts or edits, nothing fancy. Just a camera set up at the soundboard pointed right at the stage. Turn it on when the show starts and then turn it off when it's over. No one even needs to touch the camera once it's on.

Two tickets for Knoxville.

Wikipedia entry about Phish's new album due out July 28.

In case you forgot (I completely forgot all about it), here is Mike Gordon's cell number (212.330.9092); really it's more of a hotline, but you can communicate with him from time to time via voice mail. Good luck!

Chalk Dust Torture
Wolfman's Brother
Guyute's peak
The Lizards
Glowstick war during The Wedge
First Tube
Lights at the end of First Tube
Limb by Limb
Character Zero
Chris Kuroda during Character Zero
Tweezer Jam
Bouncing Around the Room
Run Like an Antelope
End of Antelope and Tweeprise

View of the Philadelphia skyline from the docks next to the venue.
Another skyline view.
Limb by Limb
Phish's "From the Road" slide show
Jambase photos

Phish jam on Camden waterfront (Philadelphia Inquirer)


Ryan said...

what do you mean by "got out there" in fee jame - in a good way??

The Wagger said...

Ryan, I mean they stretched out the music in a way not common for the song, and the jam moved into new territory.

The be 100% clear -- the post-Fee jam kicked ass, and sounded different than the quiet harmonics Trey usually plays at the end of Fee.

Ethan said...

i was there, show was incredible, halfway through one song they did one of those stops, where they just freeze for a minute... at one point i'm pretty sure the walt whitman bridge lights were synced to the show, if not they just changed colors. trey forgot the words to fee not chalkdust, btw. they were tight and threw it down. i had an awesome time.

The Wagger said...

Thanks for the correction, Ethan.

felicia said...

What. A. Great. Show.

The highest energy show ever to take place on this planet! My whole self was suffused with crazy joy!

Our people clearly needed this. Thank you Trey, Mike, Page and Fish.
We love you so.

mahalo said...

hell of a show...

also of note was the Antelope—after the rye rye rocco bit Trey clearly asks "been you to have any Mike man"