June 5, 2009

Phish Jones Beach Setlist from Night Three, Photos, Video and Song Stats

Of course, right after I wrote yesterday that Phish breaking out Buried Alive was a long shot at best -- it had only been played nine times since 2/26/97 -- the boys tear it open for the second song of the night. Too funny. Of all the songs in their catalog to discuss and specifically say, "No, they won't play it ..."

PhishThoughts.com audience recording now available for download. Was no one cheering at this show?


Third night
June 5, 2009

Wilson, Buried Alive^, Kill Devil Falls, AC/DC Bag, I Didn't Know**, My Friend My Friend, Ya Mar***, Theme From The Bottom, Boogie On Reggae Woman, Split Open and Melt

Down With Disease --> Twist# --> Piper --> Backwards Down the Number Line --> Free, Twenty Years Later*--> 2001 --> Slave To The Traffic Light

A Day in the Life

*New song, first time played.
^Only played four times since Big Cypress (7/1/00, 7/15/03, 4/15/04 and tonight).
**Trey says, "Ipsa Doodle (?) will now play the vacuum for you, sucking all of the moisture out of the air ..." (it rained all night long) and he kept on mumbling as Fishman started his vacuum solo. Trey remained on guitar instead of moving to his customary spot behind the drum kit. Possibly the first time this has occurred in modern Phish history? When the second verse started, the traditional spot where Fishman ends his solo and returns to the drums, he kept playing the vacuum over the vocals, perhaps as joking payback for Trey mumbling on and on when Fish started his solo? God only knows ... but it was different.
***Trey says, "Mike's gonna play one for his grandpa now," and Mike rips off a bass solo.
#With Oye Como Va teases.

Thanks to WigMan again for the live broadcast, both audio and video, of tonight's show at PhishTube. (In fact, he kept broadcasting into The Lot and then well into his drive outta town. It was like a real-life Truman Show, except he was interacting with the viewers by reading messages people were posting in his chat room). I don't know how many shows WigMan plans on hitting, but I hope it's a lot of them, if not all of them. It's so killer to be able to watch (as best as possible from an iPhone stream) and listen to the show, with surprisingly clear audio, from my home in Bend, Oregon since I couldn't make it back east for any Summer Tour 2009 shows.

TO PHISH'S MANAGEMENT -- If you are reading this for some reason, you guys need to set up a camera on a tri-pod out by the soundboard, point it at the stage capturing as much of the lighting rig as possible, and let it roll from the scheduled show time until its time to pack up and roll out after the show. I would gladly shell out a few bucks to be able to do this for every show on the tour, or at least as many as I could catch based around my actual life!!! And I'm willing to bet there are tens of thousands of people who feel the same way I do. No-frills -- one camera angle all night, pointed directly at the stage, with streaming audio and video. We don't need anything special, just the option of hearing the music if/when we want to. And if you think for some reason this would encourage Phish-heads to stay home and watch the show rather than attending in person, you are off your rocker!!!

Here's a typically thorough review of the show from Mr. Minor. He may see everything through rose-colored lenses at times, but he is wonderful at dissecting the music and exposing its guts.

Having said all of that, and with WigMan's operation in mind, here is an online petition to sign to get Phish to offer a live video stream of each show for a small fee. Sign it. Probably won't do a bit of good but it's worth a try.

Here is a review of the second night of Jones Beach posted at the Helping Friendly Book Blog.

Buried Alive
My Friend, My Friend
Ya Mar in high definition
Boogie On Reggae Woman
Split Open and Melt
Down with Disease

Slide show from Phish's "From the Road" web page. They've been posting just killer photos all week long.
Trey finally changed his shirt tonight.
More pre-show
View from behind Fishman's kit
Lil dude's first show.


twunch said...

That first set is like something I'd have drawn up for myself in my phantasy phish league if such a thing existed.

I hope the rain didn't treat folks too badly.

Missed the show because I had theater tickets. That probably wouldn't have happened in 1998.

Anonymous said...

Great show last night! Phantasy Phish did exist. We use to do it a couple years back. Im sure the site is still @ check it out.

The Wagger said...

Yeah, twunch, Phantasy Phish, just like fantasy football or baseball, does exist. Check it out: