June 4, 2009

Phish Jones Beach Setlist from Night Two, Photos and Song Stats

Thanks to WigMan for making streaming audio and video of the shows possible.

Second Night
June 4, 2009

Grind*, Divided Sky, Ocelot, The Squirming Coil, Punch You in the Eye, Dirt, NICU, Story of the Ghost --> Run Like and Antelope

Water in the Sky#, Birds of a Feather, Drowned^ --> Meatstick^^, Time Turns Elastic, Waste, You Enjoy Myself

Rock and Roll**

*Third time ever played (12/30/98, 3/6/09), first time not played as the encore and only the second time ever Phish opened the show A capella. The first time was earlier this week at Fenway Park with The Star Spangled Banner; #Slow version; ^Just the 5th time played since the original hiatus; ^^With Japanese lyrics. Only the third time played since 10/7/00; **Only the fourth time ever Rock and Roll was played as the encore (7/12/99, 10/4/99, 12/3/99), and only the 27th time this song has ever been played, believe it or not.

Divided Sky is the 13th most-played song by Phish. It has been performed 323 times, or at 27 percent of all Phish shows. The most-played song is You Enjoy Myself at 476 times, appearing at 39 percent of all Phish shows. The top 10 most played songs over Phish's 26-year career (has it really been that long?)? Second is Mike's Song (381/31%), followed by Golgi Apparatus (376/31%), Bouncing Around the Room (376/31%), Possum (374/31%), Weekapaug Groove (356/29%), Cavern (355/29%), David Bowie (349/29%), Chalk Dust Torture (343/28%), and Stash (335/28%). All of these songs, except for Golgi Apparatus, have already made an appearance in Summer Tour 2009.

Phish now has played You Enjoy Myself two out of the three nights of this tour. I guess Trey meant it when he told Rolling Stone he would give his left nut to play YEM five times a night every night for the rest of his life!!!

A lot of people on Twitter are commenting that they would like to see Buried Alive open the third night at Jones Beach. That's highly unlikely to happen. Buried Alive has only been played nine times since 2/26/97. Incidentally, it was the opening song at my very first show -- 2/25/93 at the Cameo Theatre in Miami Beach.

Thanks to The International House of ZZYZX for the statistical breakdown.

An audience recording of tonight's show is now available to download, courtesy of PhishThoughts.com's "No Spoliers" (so-called because the song list is not included so you can be surprised while listening).

And of course tonight's show is available at LivePhish.com. The Fenway Park and first night of Jones Beach (worth getting just to hear the new improvisational ground Phish broke during Harry Hood -- truly sounds like nothing they've ever done before) are already available.

It's amazing how technology is bringing the shows right to our desktop in such intimate detail and so quickly. And to think, there once was a day we had to wait for Rosemary's Digest to hit our inbox to read setlists, and sometimes they were a week old once we received them. We were amazed by technology then!

On that note, here are some killer high definition videos of a handful of songs from the first night of Jones Beach.

Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan
Mike's Song
Simple (this video is exceptionally high def)
Kill Devil Falls
Harry Hood (picls up just after the much-talked-about jam, unfortunately)
Runaway Jim
Suzy Greenberg
Glowstick War during Reba
You Enjoy Myself

There is plenty more video of the Jones Beach run out there, just not in high def. Search YouTube to your heart's content.

Run Like an Antelope
Shot of the stage with the water in the background.
Guy in a chicken suit walking into the show.
Essential grub from the lot.
During Birds of a feather
Side shot of the band (not 100% sure this is from tonight's show).
Cool little slideshow someone put together -- a retrospect on the band.
Here's one you can download as wallpaper of the boys playing Drowned.
Another wallpaper-worthy photo from tonight's show.
Another shot of Ghost.

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