June 14, 2009

Phish Sunday Night Bonnaroo Setlist, Photos, Links, Downloads and More

Tonight was interesting. Great show, and then Farmhouse, Backwards Down the Number Line and Prince Caspian seemed to suck the energy right out of the crowd. Don't get me wrong ... I thought it was great; just an observation.
Are they ever going to break out songs from Round Room, other than Waves? Still waiting for Pebbles and Marbles and Walls of the Cave to drop ...
Download an audience recording of the show from PhishThoughts.com's "No Spoilers."

June 14, 2009

AC/DC Bag, NICU, Gotta Jibboo, ^Punch You in the Eye -> Sparkle -> Bathtub Gin, Character Zero -> Tweezer -> The Horse -> Silent in the Morning, Run Like an Antelope, ^^Mustang Sally, ^^^Bobby Jean -> ^^^Glory Days

Rock and Roll -> Light -> 46 Days, Limb By Limb, Farmhouse, Backwards Down the Number Line -> *Prince Caspian -> First Tube

Suzy Greenberg -> Tweeprise

^Glowstick War; ^^Trey talked about going to his first concert, Bruce Springsteen, at 12 years old. Then introduced Bruce as his boyhood hero. During the song, Bruce nodded at Page for a keyboard solo and said, "Play it Mr. Keyboard Player." -- Huh? The last Mustang Sally was 6/21/88 at Nectar's in Burlington; ^^^ Bruce Springsteen song, first time played; *Unfinished

Interesting they did not play Rocky Top at any of the three Tennessee shows.

Deer Creek ticket raffle
Springsteen, Phish Jam Together at Bonnaroo
Curtain Call with Phish (Bonnaroo.com)

Waiting for the show to begin
Check out all of the open space in front of the stage
You can't see it, but Snoop was onstage before Phish tonight
Phish pit before the show
Bathtub Gin
Mustang Sally
Playing with The Boss
Birdseye view onstage with Bruce
Phish's From the Road slide show


Anonymous said...

Also still waiting for MANGO SONG!?!

Anonymous said...

What kind of phan is still waiting for Phish to "break out songs from Round Room"? That entire album was a misstep from the Trey and Company days. I'm rather glad to hear them playing actual Phish songs, i.e. everything from '96 and before (some exceptions from Ghost and Farmhouse notwithstanding). Real heads started tuning out between '97 and '00 and rightfully so. Back to the good old days says I, before Trey hijacked the band and went loop crazy.

The Wagger said...

My first show was 2/25/93. I can't help it, I love the Round Room stuff, regardless of what was going on with Trey and the boys.