July 28, 2014

Phish Drops the Bomb for Night Two at Merriweather Post Pavilion, July 27, 2014 Set List

Last night's show (scroll down for the set list) was one for the ages kidoos — a true jaw dropper if you ask me. Phish treated us to yet another summer set of Tweezer madness, seamlessly moving in and out of six songs tied into Tweezer before Fishman blew our collective minds during the first Hold Your Head Up/Vacuum sequence of Summer Tour 2014, punctuated by the universally loathed Jennifer Dances, which Fish said was "a request from the drum set."

Fishman then added, "You know, we know how much you love this song, so we're going to play it for you now," followed by, "Alright they don't know it. I know it. I know it." Click here to watch the bee-uteeful (ahem) of version of Jennifer Dances -- the first time played since the iconic tour run up to Big Cypress.

Ha Ha Ha Ha. They got us good.


On a side note, last night's HYHU segment reminds me of the Walfredo from Sept. 30, 2000 in Las Vegas where Trey, Mike and Page made it a point to clearly sing the line at 7:22: "then Fish played the vacuum/and ruined your set" followed by laughter to the point where they missed the next line of lyrics. (Incidentally, that Vegas show was killer and was one of the first live webcasts — the first one with solid and stable streaming quality anyway, which was quite a big deal for it's day and age.

That Vegas run also was when Trey officially announced Phish was going on an indefinite hiatus so they could come back and bring us "another 20 years of great music." Here's the entire streaming video of set one from 9/30/2000. Looking at it now, Trey did not appear to be in good shape back then, which makes me kind of sad, but that's a topic that's been beaten to death and parts of which I won't cover anymore here at The Wagger since it's already been discussed backwards down the number line.

By the way, who is Walfredo? He was a drummer for Santana when Phish opened for them in 1992, most notably at Merriweather Post Pavilion (Phish and the Trey Anastasio Band have such a history at Merriweather Post) and a memory of  Walfredo Reyes eating crab that's now immortalized in the song that bears his namesake. Check out Walfredo's web site.

Anyway, on to last night's set list ... finally.

Phish Set List Merriweather Post Pavilion July 27, 2014
Free, The Curtain With, 46 Days, 555, My Sweet One, Sand, Bouncing Around the Room, I Saw It Again, Fuego, You Enjoy Myself*

Wilson, Tweezer -> Back on the Train -> Tweezer -> Back on the Train -> Tweezer^ -> Waiting All Night, Free -> Tweezer -> Simple^^ -> Tweezer -> Free -> Catapault*** -> Slave to the Traffic Light -> Down with Disease** -> NICU^^^, Hold Your Head Up^^^^ -> Jennifer Dances -> Hold Your Head Up#, I Been Around^^^^^

Boogie On Reggae Woman -> Tweeprise

*Trey waving around the megaphone and using its siren; **Unfinished; ***Last played 8/14/2009 ^Manteca tease by Page; ^^Magilla tease by Page; ^^^Under Pressure teases; ^^^^Tweezer tease. Also, first time played since 10/16/10 and just the fourth time in history. The band walked off stage in synchronized steps to finish the song; ^^^^^Teezer tease; #Jennifer Dances quote

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