July 26, 2014

Phish to Spend Next Two Nights at Merriweather Post Pavilion and July 25, 2014 Charlotte Set List

Last night's show (scroll down for the complete set list and the latest news from around the web) in Charlotte was a barn burner — absolutely blistering.

If you're interested in a killer audience recording of the show you can download one by clicking here. The sound quality is awesome. I don't know about you but I often prefer audience recordings as opposed to a soundboard recording because you can hear the music as it sounded coming off the stage, complete with the crowd's reaction. The official LivePhish.com download from Charlotte is great too, don't get me wrong, but LivePhish.com soundboards just don't translate, to me at least, the full effect of being there — the soundboards sound too homogenized for me at times.

For any doubters out there, Click here and listen to the jam coming out of Chalk Dust Torture. Pure bliss to TheWagger's ears, fo sho! The Piper -> Rift was killer as well with a seamless transition between the two songs.

Tonight's show is being webcast live over at LivePhish.com for about $20 ($19.99). Don't forget kiddos, while I'm betting tonight's show will lay to waste the Columbia, MD shopping center just up the street from Merriweather Post you never want to miss a Sunday night Phish show. Ever. Period. Just look at all of the Google entries out there about never missing a Sunday Phish show. Point. Set. Match. So, if you're on the fence I would bet on paying for the webcast tomorrow night rather than tonight (Saturday).

Anyway, last night's show was blistering and well worth adding to your collection. The Mike's Song opener was the first time the song has been dropped in that slot since June 16, 2012 at Bader Field in Atlantic City. It's also just the 16th time in history that Mike's Song has ever opened a show in the 800-or-so times it's been performed  since making its debut March 16, 1985 at Doolin's in Burlington, VT. Also played that night in 1985 was the totally obscure Skippy the Wondermouse, as well as the first known performance of Alumni Blues.

What's up tonight at Merriweather? I have $100 that says Run Like an Antelope closes set one. Any takers? And hopefully we will finally get the ever illusive You Enjoy Myself, which seems to have become a rarity these days. And where did Fluffhead go for that matter???

Phish Setlist PNC Music Pavilion Charlotte, N.C. July 25, 2014
Mike's Song -> Back on the Train -> Weekapaug Groove, Wingsuit -> Possum, Tube -> My Friend My Friend, Winterqueen, Beauty of a Broken Heart, David Bowie^, Golgi Apparatus

555 -> Chalk Dust Torture* -> Feugo -> Twist -> When the Circus Comes -> Piper -> Rift. Waiting All Night, Reba^^, Character Zero^^

Love Cup

*Unfinished; ^Beauty of a Broken Heart tease; Fuego teases

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